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8 Zones GSM Wired Alarm System Overview
8 Zones GSM Wired Alarm System Specification
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8 Zones GSM Wired Alarm System (Model: WT-1010SA)


8 Zones GSM Wired Alarm SystemWitura’s GSM Alarm System can cover 8 alarm zones within the premises. In addition, the unit can be connected to window breaking sensors, motion detectors and other alarm triggers. Once triggered, alerts can be sent to 8 pre-set numbers.

The SMS alarm unit also comes completed with 3 sms remote control zones. Through this, you can activate a number of electrical appliances and equipment like the air-conditioner, generator, sensors, and lighting remotely via sms or phone call. Using this service can help in theft prevention as lighting can be switched on or off remotely to give the impression that there are people on the premises. If the premises comes with an auto gate, the WT-1010SA GSM alarm system can also be used to open/close the gate via either the remote control unit or via a command through the telephone unit.

The SMS alarm system comes with 2 remote control units to arm and disarm the burglar alarm system. All In One Telephone and Security Alarm SystemThese remote control units are also multi-functional and can be used not just for arming and disarming the security alarm system, but also as an emergency/panic button, as a remote to open the garage door/ main gate, to switch on/off electrical appliances within the home. Another feature of the WT-1010SA is that the GSM alarm can be armed and disarmed remotely using the mobile phone.

As the WT-1010SA SMS alarm works on a wireless system, the risk of thieves ‘cutting’ the connection is low as there are no wires to connect the unit to the telephone line. Even if the thieves use a GSM ‘jammer’ to cancel the wireless signal, the WT-1010SA SMS alarm has been designed to overcome this. When a GSM ‘jammer’ is detected, the unit will automatically send out a sms and trigger the alarm siren.

All In One Telephone and Security Alarm SystemTo ensure that in cases of power failure or if the power supply has been ‘cut’ by thieves, the WT-1010SA burglar alarm is equipped with a standby rechargeable battery to ensure that the unit continues to function. In the event of power cut, the unit will again automatically send out a sms to the pre-set mobile number to inform that the battery has failed. Another feature of the WT-1010SA GSM intruder alarm is the auto test reporting system whereby the system will, at the programmed time, test to ensure that the system is ‘alive’. A message is then sent to the pre-set mobile number. This auto test ensures that the security alarm system is constantly functioning.

WT-1010SA as a Telephone System

Let’s face it, installing a new phone landline can be a nightmare. From the moment you apply till the time the line is installed, it could take a long while as the date of installation is determined by the availability of personnel from the telephone company. While waiting for installation, there is also the inconvenience of not having a communications line available.

All In One Telephone and Security Alarm SystemInstallation of a landline telephone system also normally involves the payment of a deposit, which could be a significant amount of upfront expenditure if it’s for a business premises. Apart from the deposit, there’s also a month phone line rental regardless of whether or not calls are made.
When the time is ready for installation of the landline telephone system, for aesthetic purposes, there might be small renovations involved. This will incur additional costs.

The WT-1010SA unit can also be connected to a basic telephone and used to make phone calls. Using the WT-1010SA as a telephone system has many advantages over traditional landlines.

Firstly, all that’s needed to activate the phone line is a GSM SIM card which is easily applied for can be used almost immediately. The system works with both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

In today’s communications environment, many phone calls are made to mobile lines. Mobile phone operators normally have plans that offer very low All In One Telephone and Security Alarm Systemcost or complimentary calls within the same network. By using a GSM based phone for your premises, it can help to save on your monthly phone bill as there is no monthly phone line rental costs to bear and calls made between landline and mobile lines normally cost more too.

The WT-1010SA GSM alarms and telephone system offers the perfect solution for those who are renting their premises. Apart from the upfront and on-going savings, when the lease is over, the system can be very quickly dismantled ready to install in your new rented premises.

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